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When you think of dryness, do you picture the arid, wind whipped sands of the Sahara? The cracked, sun-baked earth of Death Valley? It might surprise you to know that there are places in this world that are twice as dry as those.

One of the driest places on earth could be your home. And, it's this "desert dryness" that makes you feel uncomfortable, robbing moisture from your home, your furnishings, even your skin.

Relative humidity is the percentage of moisture in the air compared to its maximum capability to hold moisture under the same conditions. Seventy degree air can hold more than 12 times as much moisture as 10 degree air. Outside air at 10 degrees and 70% relative humidity when heated to a comfortable temperature in your home has a relative humidity of just 7%. Even with the addition of moisture produced by normal household activities such as cooking, laundry, and showers, you will seldom achieve comfortable indoor humidity levels without a whole house humidifier.


Because Aprilaire distributes moisture as a pure water vapor, there are no water droplets or mist that can carry impurities, like minerals or bacteria. In other humidifiers, minerals can build up in the unit and cause malfunction, requiring costly service. Even worse, these impurities can be distributed throughout your home. Aprilaire's safe, flow through evaporative design ensures that these harmful elements are either deposited on the replaceable Water Panel evaporator or flushed down the drain. This eliminates the problems that can be caused by stagnant water in units not equipped with a drain.


The Aprilaire Automatic Model 768 power humidifier is designed with ease of service in mind. The 768 provides truly automatic humidity regulation after the initial setting.

The 768 has an evaporation capacity of 0.75 gph at 120°F plenum temperature. A motor and fan accomplish the air movement necessary for high capacity evaporation. Uniform, accurately controlled humidity levels are maintained automatically.


Aprilaire Automatic Models 568, 558, and 448 bypass humidifiers are fully automatic and offer the flexibility of easy installation on either the warm-air supply or cold-air return of any forced air furnace. The humidified air mixes with the return air from the house and is forced back into the living area. Model 448 has a re-circulating system for use where a drain is not available.


Aprilaire humidifiers, equipped with a manual humidistat to control the humidifier's operation are also available. With proper homeowner adjustment, these Aprilaire humidifiers will provide the comfort, preservation, and many other benefits of increased indoor humidification as described in this brochure, although without the complete convenience and additional moisture-generating features of the automatic models. Power humidifier Model 760, and bypass Models 560,550, and 445 are designed for typical forced air heating systems.

Aprilaire Models 360 and 350 are designed to operate independent of any heating system. These manually controlled models can be installed in homes without forced air heating systems, such as hydronic heat. They are also ideal for applications where furnace blower operation is minimal, or where there is no space for a furnace-mounted humidifier.

Model 360 is small enough to be installed through the wall of a closet or utility room. Model 350 is designed especially for basement floor joist installation.


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