Mitsubishi City Multi Split A/C


Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Technology is the intelligence behind the
QTY MULTI multi-split system that allows the revolutionary 2-pipe system to Circulate only as much refrigerant as needed for heat transfer between the outdoor units and each indoor unit

VRF systems, the fully versatile version of typical split systems, produce vast energy and space savings over conventional systems. VRF systems have no refrigerant-to-water heat loss, as is the case with the water (chiller) system, which means the compressor can be maintained at a higher suction pressure for more efficient operation.

VRF systems also have no heat loss
through lengthy metal ducts, as is the case with air (ducted DX) systems, thus saving both energy and valuable space, VRF Technology also allows each indoor unit to operate individually, allowing you to precisely adjust the environment in each area separately. And because of the quality and high standards of Mitsubishi Electric, CITY MULTI VRF systems have been operating worldwide, virtually worry-free, for more than 20 years.


Turning Up the Heat

City Multi's patent-pending Hyper Heating Inverter (H i) technology is the ultimate solution to providing a comfortable indoor environment with energy-efficient heating operation, even when outdoor temperatures drop down to -25°C.

The secret is our Flash Injection Circuit that reduces discharge superheat at high discharge pressure, thus providing a high COP at lower temperatures without compressor overheating. This process also increases the system's refrigerant flow rate to provide excellent heating performance at extreme ambient temperatures that conventional heat pumps just can't handle.

The H'i system delivers 100% heating capacity at -15°C and 75% heating capacity even when the mercury falls to -25°C. In addition, it features continuous heating operation for up to 250 minutes in one cycle, ensuring a phenomenal heating performance at low temperatures.


Water-Source Heat Pump

For buildings that have restricted exterior access, or for architecture where additional exterior equipment installation is not recommended, or simply for energy-efficient buildings that are going "Green". CITY MULTI offers heating and cooling solutions through our water-source heating &cooling systems (WY Series) and water-source heat recovery systems (WR2 Series). By tapping into the building's existing water loop (boiler + cooling tower), or by utilizing geothermal energy i ground loop or ground source), highly efficient year-round heat transfer keeps every area on every floor at optimum comfort levels.

The compact size of each CITY MULTI water-source heat pump makes it easy to fit in an elevator and a machine room individual systems can be interconnected for more efficient floor-to-floor double heat recovery, ultimately reducing your energy costs.

Independent Zone Control

Each CITY MULTI system can be configured for up to 50 zones within a building. Multiple systems can be integrated into a larger network to manage and air condition up to 2000 individual zones, all controlled from a single computer.

CITY MULTI provides individual personalized comfort and temperature control by precisely matching the needs of each zone. Capacity of each indoor unit is dynamically adjusted throughout the day to improve efficiency by allocating the energy to meet the ever-changing zone load.

Regardless of where the zones lie — interior (windowless) zones, large-window perimeter zones, eastern or western exposures — each zone gets only the cooling or heating that's needed.

An Economical Solution

CITY MULTI is the first in the industry to offer "Inverter Technology" which significantly improves the systems' energy efficiency and performance.

Inverter-driven systems are capable of operating at partial load with a much Higher COP and allow for low starting currents.

The new CITY MULTI design provides additional iiib-cooling and allows the expansion device to effectively control the refrigerant distribution. This allows for smaller pipe sizes, longer pipe runs. reduces the volume of refrigerant within a system and requires less raw materials to be used

Weight has also been drastically reduced for easier and more flexible transportation and installation.

Together with the improved heat exchanger performance, CITY MULTI maximizes energy savings and is the most cost-effective choice.

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