Mitsubishi Zuba AC Heat Pump

Zuba Central is a Heat Pump which provides excellent heating performance in the winter and effortlessly cools your home in the summer.

It installs easily into new or existing ductwork and is ranked among the most energy-efficient and cost-effective ways of transferring heat from one place to another.

Hot enough for Canadian Winters
Zuba-Central will keep you comfortable during the coldest winter days and nights. Compared to other means of heating, heat pumps are very efficient, but only as long as outside temperatures stay above 0°C. From this point and below, a supplemental heating system has to be used.

Thankfully, Zuba-Central is specifically designed for Canadian winters, so you get the benefits of a heat pump above 0°C, and all the way to -30°C and beyond.

The secret behind Zuba-Central

Zuba-Central provides you high-heating performance, even under extremely low outdoor temperatures, thanks to our efficient and exclusive Hyper-Heat Inverter (H- i) technology.

In addition, the unique defrost mechanism provides an extended period of continuous heating between the defrost time, and minimizes the defrost time required, proving yet again that Zuba-Central is one of the most efficient systems on the market.

An option for every home
Zuba-Central+ has you covered in those rare instances when extreme temperatures hit the air. It can be equipped v/ith your choice of an auxiliary Electric Resistance Heater or Hydromc Hot Water Coil that operates Simultaneously with Zuba-Central only when additional heat is needed. So even during the coldest days, your Zuba-Central+ package is still pumping heat indoors with the superb efficiency that only a heat pump can offer.

Zuba-Central+ is also available with an SCR duct heater option for enhanced efficiency.

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